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Art FAQs

Can you describe the different Products available?
Yes, I offer many Products and detailed descriptions are shown below for each type. Prints and Collages are matted using a 4-ply archival board, included with an acid free Baker Board, and then sealed in a crystal clear plastic bag. All of my Products are made utilizing Acid Free techniques.



8x10 Prints

Comprised of an 5"x7" photo with a rectangular cut mat

9x12 Prints

Comprised of an 8"x10" photo with the mat cut around the collage's many different angles

12x28 Print (#075 only)

Comprised of an 10"x24" photo with the mat cut around the collage's many different angles

18x24 Collages
20X48 Collage (#075 only)

Comprised of 2.5"x3" individual wallet sized photos adhered together by hand. Each photo is layered and rotated differently making each edition unique. The mat is cut around the collage’s many different angles.

Do you offer Framing?
Yes, I use Nielsen Metal Frames in two different profiles (#11 & #117) and in an array of colors. The frame is sealed by a clear sheet of plexi-glass. Refer to the "Frames" category for the availability in the Product size.
PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase, you will receive a Framing confirmation email to confirm which collage goes with which frame.

Is all your work Limited Editions?
Yes, every print and collage that I sell is a Limited Edition. I strive to produce several new works each year, and I keep the edition numbers low so my collection is always changing. For a particular collage, (Example: #054) some of the "Available Formats" are listed as "Retired". This means all the editions have been fulfilled, and the collage will not be produced again in that specific format (Example: 8x10).


Editions of

8x10 Prints


9x12 Prints


12x28 Print (#075 only)


18x24 Collages

20 to 35

20x48 Collage (#075 only)


Is all of your work signed by the artist?
Yes, all of my work is hand titled, numbered (Example: 1 of 16), stamped with my initials (MBP), and signed. The initials are made using steel punches handed down from my Grandfather who was a hobbyist furniture maker and signed his work with his initials.